Sound is full of love, love is full of sound. Huge part of my music is trip hop or idm or ambient or donw tempo. I love that style. This music is not for sale!

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ACD = Aduo CD


Anja Garbarek ::: Smiling & Waving ( ACD)
Aphex Twin ::: Classics (MP3)
Apollo 440 ::: Singles Colection (ACD)
Apollo 440 ::: Gettin' High On Your Own Supply (ACD)
apollo 440 ::: Electro Glide In Blue (ACD)
Air ::: Moon Safari (ACD/MP3)
Air ::: Gold 2000 (ACD)
Air ::: Virgin Siucides (ACD)
Air ::: 10000 Hz Legend (ACD)
Absolut ::: Jazzy Trip Hop Compilation (ACD)
Absolut ::: Trip Hop Compilation (ACD)
Asian Dub Foundation ::: RMX (ACD)
Asian Dub Foundation ::: Rafi's Revenge (ACD)
A Forest Mighty Black ::: n/a (MP3)

Bundeswehr ::: Mileter Music - Marsch (ACD)
Bjork And The Sugarcubes ::: Life Is Too Good + Bonus Album (ACD)
Bjork ::: Bachelorette (remixes) (MP3)
Bjork ::: Debut (MP3)
Bjork ::: MTV Unplugged (MP3)
Blur ::: 13 (ACD)
Beck ::: Odelay (ACD)
Bruce Dicinson ::: Chemical Wedding (MP3)
Bruce Dicinson ::: Balls To Picasso (MP3)
Bruce Dicinson ::: Tattooed Millionaire (MP3)



Can ::: Anthology 25 years (MP3)
Can ::: Landed (MP3)
Can ::: Rite Time (MP3)
Can ::: Soundtracks (MP3)
Cluster II ::: n/a (MP3)
Cafe del Mar ::: vol 6 & 7 (MP3)
Cafe Del Mar ::: 2000 (ACD)

Chicane ::: Behind The Sun (MP3)

Daft Punk ::: Homework (ACD)
Dream Dance ::: 2000 (ACD)
Dance ::: *3 (ACD)
Devid Bowie ::: Hours (ACD)
Depeche Mode ::: Ultra (ACD)
Depeche Mode ::: Music For The Masses (ACD)
Deep Forest ::: Hits Singles Colection (ACD)
De Phazz ::: Death By Chocolate (ACD)
Dj Shadow ::: Endtroducing (MP3)
Dj Krush ::: Holonic (MP3)
Dj Food ::: Kaleidoscope (ACD)
DIDO ::: No Angel (ACD)


Enigma 4 ::: Metamorphosis (ACD)
Enigma ::: The Screen Behind The Mirror (ACD)
Enigma ::: Best (ACD)
Eno ::: Ambient#4 (On Land)


Funki Porcini ::: The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds (MP3)
Future Breeze ::: Why? (ACD)
Future Sound Of London ::: Amorfous Androgynous (MP3)
Future Sound Of London ::: Cascade (MP3)
Future Sound Of London ::: My kingdom (MP3)
Fight Club ::: OST (ACD)
Filter ::: Title Of Record (ACD)
Front 242 ::: OFF (ACD)
Faithless ::: Best Singles Colection 99 (ACD)

Faithless ::: Sunday 8PM (ACD)
Faithless ::: Outrospective (ACD)
Front 242 ::: Geography (MP3)
Front 242 ::: Back Catalogue (MP3)
Front 242 ::: Official Version (MP3)
Front 242 ::: Front By Front (MP3)
Front 242 ::: Mixed By Fear (MP3)
Front 242 ::: Tyranny For You (MP3)
Front 242 ::: (05-22-09-12) Off (MP3)
Front 242 ::: (06-21-03-11) Up Evil (MP3)
Front 242 ::: Angels Versus Animals (MP3)
Front 242 ::: Mut@ge Mix@ge (MP3)
Front 242 ::: Reboot Live (MP3)
Front 242 ::: Headhunter CD1 (MP3)
Front 242 ::: Headhunter CD2 (MP3)


Guano Apes ::: Proud Like A God (ACD)
Goran Bregovich (ACD)
Gorillaz : Gorillaz (ACD)
Gus Gus ::: Polydistorsion (MP3)
Groovy Rider ::: n/a (MP3)
Groove Armada ::: Goodbye country (hello nightclub) (ACD)


Hackers II ::: OST
Harmonia ::: Musik Von Harmonia (MP3)
Harmonia ::: 76 (MP3)
Hallucinogen ::: Space Pussy
Howie B ::: Snatch (MP3)
Hushove ::: Album Deveti - Tragichen (ACD)
Hits ::: Maxim, ect. (ACD)


Ibiza ::: Techno Party (ACD)

Jamiroquai ::: n/a (MP3)
Jean Michel Jarre ::: Remixes (MP3)
Jimi Tenor ::: Out Of Nowhere (ACD)

Korn ::: Issues (ACD)
Kid Loco ::: Grand Love Story (MP3)
Kid Loco ::: Remixes (ACD)
King Kouba ::: n/a (MP3)

Laika ::: Good Looking Blues (MP3)
Laika ::: Silver Apples Of The Moon (MP3)
Luchano Pavarotti ::: O Sole Mio (ACD)
Lunar Plexus ::: n/a (MP3)
Leftfield ::: Rhythm And Stealth (ACD)
Leftfield ::: Leftism (ACD)
Lain ::: OST (ACD)

LAHR ::: Lyrical Amusement (ACD)


Massive Attack ::: Remx And Unreleased 2CD (ACD)
Massive Attack ::: The Greatest Hits (ACD)
Massive Attack ::: Mezzanine (ACD)
Massive Attack ::: Singles 90-98 (ACD)
Massive Attack ::: Safe From Harm (MP3)
Massive Attack ::: The Karmacoma [EP] (MP3)
Massive Attack v.s. Mad Professor ::: No Protection (MP3)
Michael Rother ::: Flammende Herzen (MP3)
Music From Titanic ::: OST (ACD)
Metallica ::: Very Best 98 2CD (ACD)
Moloko ::: Do You Like My Tight Sweater? (ACD)
Moloko ::: Things To Make And Do (ACD)
Moloko ::: I'm Not The Doctor (ACD)
Mouling Rouge ::: OST (ACD/MP3)
Monkey Mafia Shoot The Boss ::: n/a (MP3)
Moby ::: Play (ACD)

Moby ::: B-Sides (ACD)
Moby ::: Mobylization (ACD)
Maxim ::: Hell's Kitchen (ACD)
Maxim ::: Scheming [EP] (ACD/MP3)
Morcheeba ::: Big Calm + Bonus Album (ACD)
Martin L. Gore ::: Counterfeit [EP] (ACD)
Manu Chao ::: Clandestino (ACD)


Nov Ritam ::: 1 (ACD)
Nirvana ::: The Very Best (ACD)
Nightmares On Wax ::: Remixes (ACD)
Nightwish ::: Over The Hills And Far Away [EP] (MP3)
Natalie Imbruglia ::: Greates Hits 99 (ACD)
Natalie Imbruglia ::: n/a (MP3)
Neu ::: 75 (MP3)
Neil Young ::: n/a (MP3)


Ogan I Mech ::: OST (ACD)
Orbital ::: The Middle Of Nowhere (ACD)
Ostava? ::: Ping Pong (ACD)


PanicanWhyAsker ::: Rock'n Roll Coma (ACD)
Patchwork ::: n/a (MP3)
PJ Harvey ::: Is This Desire? (ACD)

PJ Harvey ::: Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (ACD)
PJ Harvey ::: Dry (MP3)
PJ Harvey ::: Rid Of Me (MP3)
PJ Harvey ::: To Bring You My Love (MP3)
Propellerheads ::: Millenium Hits (ACD)
Portishead ::: Roseland NY Live (ACD)
Portishead ::: Dummy (ACD)
Portishead ::: Millenium Hits (ACD)
Portishead ::: Undercover Themes (ACD)
Placebo ::: Black Market Music (ACD)
Plaid ::: Not For Threes 1997 (MP3)


Radiohead ::: Kid A (ACD)
Rammstein ::: Das Modell (MP3)
Rammstein ::: Du Hast (MP3)
Rammstein ::: Du Riechst So Gut (MP3)
Rammstein ::: Engel (MP3)
Rammstein ::: English Versions (MP3)
Rammstein ::: Herzeleid (MP3)
Rammstein ::: Mutter (MP3)
Rammstein ::: Stripped (MP3)

Republica ::: Speed Ballads (MP3)

Spawn ::: The Album (ACD)
Stakka Bo ::: The Gread Blondino (ACD)
Stakka Bo ::: Jr. (ACD)
Sting ::: Brand New Day (ACD)
Sneakers Pimps ::: Becoming X (MP3)
Shpongle ::: Shpongled (MP3)
Suns Of Arqa ::: A Brief History Of S.O.A. (MP3)


Tangerine Dream ::: Exit (MP3)
Tangerine Dream ::: Tangram (MP3)
Tangerine Dream ::: Underwater Sunlight (MP3)
Tatu ::: n/a (MP3)
The Beach ::: OST (ACD)
The Chemical ::: Dig Your Own Hole (ACD)
The Chemical ::: Surrender (ACD)
The Prodigy ::: Experience
The Prodigy ::: Serial Thrillas Live
The Prodigy ::: We Are The Ruffest
The Prodigy ::: The Castbreeder (ACD)
The Prodigy ::: The Dirtchamber Sessions Vol.1 (ACD)
The Prodigy ::: The Fat of The Land (ACD)
The Prodigy ::: The best, the unreleased, the last (ACD)
The Prodigy ::: Music For The Jilted Generation (ACD)
The Matrix ::: OST (ACD)
The Best Dj Hits ::: 95 (ACD)
Thievery Corporation ::: Abductions And Reconstructions (MP3)
Tosca ::: Opera (MP3)
Tory Amos ::: Diamond Colection (ACD)
Tory Amos ::: To Venus And Back (ACD)
Tory Amos ::: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (ACD)
Tricky ::: Juxtapose (ACD)
Tricky ::: RMX (ACD)
Tricky ::: Angels With Dirty Faces (MP3)
The Offsrping ::: Ixnay On The Ombre (ACD)
Texas ::: The Hush (ACD)
Trip Hop ::: Electrostatick (ACD)
The Cell ::: OST (MP3)
The Orb ::: Once More [EP] (MP3)
Therapy ::: Best 99 (MP3)

Therapy ::: Suicide Pact - You First (MP3)
Tomb Raider ::: OST (ACD)

Vivaldi ::: The Four Seasons (ACD)


U2 ::: Greatest Hits (ACD)
Underground ::: OST (ACD)
Underworld ::: Everything, Everything, Everything (ACD)
Underworld ::: Beaucoup Fish (MP3)
Unkle ::: Psyence Fiction (ACD)