This is the list of my online sites, and their latest versions. If you want to see them, visit the url typed in red under the explanation.

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// 2004


gnome in bulgarian

Simple website dedicated to the Gnome in Bulgarian! project. The project aims to translate GNOME in Bulgarian and the site is developed to server as a groupware for the translators.

After a deal with MM television I'm maintaining their website. We are not planning to do major changes for now, just some CMS and error fixing. The design is not ours.


the union of the bulgarian artist

The same story as the story wiht the website of MM television.

The official website of Bulgargaz EAD - the national gas transmission system operator, the owner of the transmission network and the network for the transit of a natural gas.


// 2003

The cyber home of the global eRiders. What is eRider? Check this out - "eRiders are many things to many people but their main aim is to make organizations more effective, efficient and innovative through the use of all forms of technology". Design by ivgin, php/mysql development by Hacko and spud. Managed afkorz by me.
The official website of talk show "Sblusuk". The great design is from ivgin, the rest is from me and InterSpace. The website features some very nice photos and uber forum (very hard to be moderated ;)

Website for a project called "Opensource Software Sollutions for Bulgarian NGOs". The website is ugly TWiki, but meets our needs. Suddenly my main project for 2003-2005 Season is not a web project, but an Open Source project ;)

// 2002

The website of a project called "Branding Bulgaria". The site was designed by Georgy Varzonovtsev, programmed by Sergey Petrov and managed by me.

The website of InterSpace - media arts center. In coperation with MAQUETT.

The website of Petko Dourmana. The subscribe form was created by Sergey Petrov.

Triumviratus Art Group are Javor Gardev, Geogi Tenev and Nikola Toromanov. I have assisted to Georgy Varzonovstves and Bistra Slaveykova to create this huge website.

The website fo Georgi Tenev. The subscribe form was created by Sergey Petrov.

// 2001 - server for art and culture

This was my main project. It is one of the biggest Bulgarian sites for culture. The design is not mine, cose im working as a editor of the site. My task is to edit peoples articles, to communicate with lot of people and to take a lot of responsibility. The site is updated daily, so check it often.



This is the site of the first internet conference in Bulgaria. The conference was curated by Galina Dimitrova (who does 99% of the work on it), and organized by InterSpace. The site of net.user is based on php nuke engine, redesigned by Rumen Blagoev, and moderated by me.

The site explores the lack of a good n' fast program of the cinemas. It's very practical, fast and easy to use. (not active)

This is the only Bulgarian site which contains information about the program ot all centers for art and culture. The idea is mine, so is the content. The site is php based (by supudo) and designed by MAQUETT. (not active)


ultratext (version 1.2)

If you are cyberpunk lover, this site is just for you. I'm not allowd to tell you what is the purpose or the goal of the project, so you should discover them alone. Good luck.


ATA centre for contemporary art

ATA is one of the few Bulgarian galleries, which offers contemporary art for the masses. I had only 2 hours to create ATA's site and to fulfil the requirements of the owners. The key words for the site were: fast, usable, light, netscape 4.x compitable and of course full of content. They are happy people now. ;)


Literature Club [e-zine and virtual library]

Surprisingly I'm not the content or text editor of the site, but its designer. The site is fast and easy to use. The editor of the site is Emilian Nikolov who does 100% of the work on it. He is a brave man.


// 2000 and before


*bpm : zone for cyber culture and ezine

This is a website of an irc channel, but, in fact, it is much more than an irc site. It is the zone for cyber culture and one of the best Bulgarian ezines. So if you value your time, don't miss to check it regularly.


ASPA means : Assosiation of the Students of Public Administration. This was my first serious page. The design has not been updated since year 2000. (not active)



This was my first fully developed site. It is a site of an irc channel again. The project was canceled. So, no more updates. (not active)



Ex-Ezine for poetry. I created this site to show how easy it is. So, don't expect something good. If you are a poetry lover, maybe you will find something interesting. (not active)



Unifinished project. I doubt that it will ever be finished. This should be the first Bulgarian fan site of D U N E. As a fan of the novel and the movie I feel it necessary to create a good site. If I have some more free time I'll finish it.


This website. Created with Netscape Composer. Irony - Now(2003) I'm updating this site with Mozilla Composer.